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Notifications In-the-wild

EmPushy monitors notifications pushed by a multitude of apps, websites and email campaign leaders in a variety of market segments. We analyse trending content, preferred delivery times and the sentiment of subscribers receiving these notifications, in real-time.

Check out a brief preview of some recently pushed notifications captured by EmPushy:

Below is a filtered live feed of notifications captured by EmPushy across wide range of brands, apps, email campaigns, SMS etc. Basically, any information that's being pushed, we're watching it! We extract insights from these push messages and use it to inform better engagement!

This chart illustrates some of the key phrases found in messages pushed at subscribers over the past 3 days in a range of different market segments. EmPushy keeps an eye on the text being used and can identify trending, breaking and segment specific phrases - all of which can help improve engagement for brands and facilitate better, more relevant messages for subscribers.

The chart below illustrates emojis 😋 which are trending 📈 within notifications pushed in all market segments over the past 3 days 📆

Coming soon! 👀

The chart below illustrates the days and times which notifications are pushed at subscribers. Blue and Yellow indicate moments in which notifications are pushed less frequently, Orange and Red indicate times that most brands are pushing at their subscribers. Using EmPushy, you can identify optimal delivery moments for your messages based on a bunch of features, such as: the target market of your subscribers; the topic/sentiment of your message; your competitors push habits; and many more!

The chart below illustrates the percentage of notification categories pushed per day, as observed by EmPushy. Some categories of notification, such as sport updates ⚽️ or breaking news ❗ tend to be delivered more frequently than notifications such as special offers 🛍️ or feature updates 🆕. Using EmPushy, you can leverage a unique social listening tool to identify trending and breaking content and compose CTAs that resonate contextually, enabling you to reach out to your subscribers with useful and relvant content whilst ensuring you meet your engagement goals ✔️